Yo Chi Tea – 14 Day Teatox

Yo Chi tea is a highly effective detox solution based on an ancient Chinese recipe that was originally created to help with digestion. The special combination of lotus plant extracts, herbs and Oolong Green tea, helps with the purification of the body’s cells.



  • Increases energy levels
  • Helps remove harmful toxins from the body
  • High in anti-oxidants

Detox Naturally with Yo Chi Tea


Detox Naturally with Yo Chi Tea

The Yo Chi Tea blend contains all 100% natural ingredients to help purify the body’s cells and support the essential organs through the digestive process. If you are already trying to detoz, just 2 cups a day for 14 days are recommended to
help kick start your detox plan. To maximise
the benefits of Yo Chi Tea:

  • Drink it by itself for best results
  • Follow a gentle exercise routine
  • Eat little and often to keep metabolic rate high
  • Incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet

Yo Chi Tea helps with digestion and relieves bloating

Yo Chi Tea Ingredients


Yo Chi Tea Ingredients

Yo Chi Tea is full of specially selected herbal ingredients to facilitate your body to detox.

Yo Chi Tea – Unique Blend

Click on any of the ingredients to read more about their benefits

  • lotus-leaf

    Lotus Leaf

    Lotus Leaf is known to increase your metabolism.

  • oolong-tea

    Oolong Tea

    Two of the most abundant antioxidant compounds in oolong tea are flavonols and flavanols. It has fat reducing benefits that help keep you slim.

  • green-tea

    Green Tea

    Full of antioxidants, it assists the liver in processing fats more effectively.

  • poria


    Poria is famous home-grown Chinese herb, which has been used medicinally for about 2,000 years helping with lowering blood sugar.

  • alisma-rhizome

    Alisma Rhizome

    Alisma Rhizome has a mild diuretic effect and is used in Chinese medicine to treat conditions of the bladder and kidneys.

  • stevia


    Stevia is the healthy alternative to sugar, being a natural plant that acts as a sweetener and it has zero calories.

Lotus Leaf for Detox

Lotus Leaf appears through history in traditional medicine, from China to India and the Middle East. Known by various names, from ‘Sacred Lotus’ to ‘Chinese Arrowroot’, they all refer to them same plant, the aquatic perennial Lotus Leaf (Nelumbo nucifera). Prolifically used as a medicinal herb to aid digestion, the alkaloid properties of Lotus Leaf feature high levels of flavonoids and tannins with powerful antioxidant properties beneficial for detox, cardiovascular and digestive health. Scientific research shows lotus leaf to be particularly effective for increasing your metabolism.


It may encourage fat cells to release their stored fat in a process called lipolysis, which is ideal for people who need to get rid of excess fatty deposits stored on the belly, buttocks, hips and upper thighs.

As the fat is released, the body can use it as fuel and passes the remaining waste products out of the system.

Another major benefit of Lotus Leaf is that it may impede the making of fat cells. When we eat more calories than our bodies need for fuel, we store them as fat. Our body takes glucose and other fatty acids to create triglycerides (fat) to store, and so we put on weight.

Lotus Leaf has been shown to interfere with this fat making process, discouraging the body from storing up food as excess weight.

Sip and Slim with Yo Chi Tea



Place one teabag into a cup and then fill the cup with freshly boiled water.



Allow the tea to infuse for 2 to 4 minutes and no longer than 5.



Remove the teabag and enjoy! You could add a little honey to taste if required.

Yo Chi Tea Testimonials

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I have to drink Yo Chi tea and how many teabags does a pack contain?

We recommend two cups per day of Yo Chi tea and there are 30 Yo Chi Teabags, which is a 15-day supply.

When is the best time to drink Yo Chi Tea?

As the Yo Chi Tea boosts metabolic rate, it’s best to drink it in the morning and at lunchtime so your sleep is not affected

What does Yo Chi Tea taste like? Can I add anything to it?

Yo Chi Tea tastes like normal green tea. You may add lemon but no milk or sugar

Does it really work to help weight loss?

Yes; Yo Chi Tea is full of specially selected herbal ingredients to facilitate what scientists call ‘fat oxidation’ – burning the body’s fat reserves as fuel. Yo Chi Tea may help your body to get rid of the fat rather than store it, while reducing your body’s ability to absorb fat from your food at the same time.

Can I just drink the Yo Chi Tea and expect to lose weight?

There is no magic formula that will allow weight loss unless you eat sensibly and get some form of exercise. However coupled with a sensible diet and light exercise, Yo Chi Tea targets the fat stored in your body.

Can anybody drink Yo Chi Tea?

Almost everybody- Yo Chi Tea contains no preservatives, no sugar, no GMO or MSG. However it is not suitable for pregnant women or for those who are breastfeeding.

What is in the Yo Chi Tea that helps weight loss?

Among the 100% natural ingredients you’ll find lotus leaf to optimise digestion. It has powerful anti-oxidant properties; helps to regulate the digestive system and helps to cleanse the body, leaving users with brighter eyes and skin.

Will Yo Chi tea affect my contraceptive pill?

Yes – Yo Chi tea can affect the accuracy of the pill if you take your pill in the morning within 4 hours of the laxative effect. If you take the pill at night you will be fine as you are adviced to take Yo Chi tea during the morning and lunch time.We advise alternative protection, such as condoms during the 14 days as it can affect the accuracy of the pill.

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